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Talent plus
equals Success
When you have talent but not organization, it is harder to get great results. We have developed tools that will help guide your team to success in different areas.

Integrating the entire ecosystem of a competition

PROSCORE, an integrated solution of Armis Digital Sports, is a management software that provides an answer to the challenges of a sports organization. It centralizes sports management on a single platform, digitalizes and facilitates processes and procedures associated with each modality.

Organization for all the fields

With core modules that work together as a team, PROSCORE can help in all areas of a competition.

Organization for all the fields

With core modules that work together as a team, Proscore can help in all areas of a competition.

Get started with the registrations

Finally, this essential process can be simpler and completely online. Add teams, players and every entity information on platform in an easier way.

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Know more, about everything

Get to know your team, each player and organize all data in order to improve performance.

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Organization in the right hands

Our referee system has been built by the officials who use it. Assignments, reports and communication are made easy.

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Be in every field of the competition

Whether you’ve built a big or small competition, you can manage your contracts, activation and partner communication from an interconnected platform.

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Make big things happen

View your corporate partner in one location. Manage your pipeline with full and real-time visibility.

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Be closer to the crowd

Align your ticketing systems to empower your team and elevate your outbound sales and fan relationship efforts.

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“PROSCORE helped us to obtain better results in all of our competitions, with more organization and much more relevant information.”