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Sports management in a pro level

Designed to integrate all components associated with sport. We are driven by the willingness to experiment, to respond to challenges and create new ones.



The registration of a sport entity in an organization is a complex and high responsibility process that can involve different actions and information according to each entity.

This module allows any kind of entities (Clubs, Teams, Players, ...) to perform the registration process in the organization and/or competition in a simple and automated way, through a Portal where the clubs, associations or federations have online access.

Online registration for Players, Managers, Coaches and Staff.
Support to all the processes related to the Registration, Revalidation (renewals), Termination and Transfer.
Approval Cycles
Implementation of approval workflows for registrations involving Clubs, Associations and Federations.


The Portal for the National Teams allows organizations to manage and track their teams on each Football type and categories. The management of national teams allows the organization to have a better performance in their teams and to ease the communications between all the agents involved: clubs, players, national team coaches, hotels, social media, etc.

National Teams
Management system of all relevant data regarding the National Teams processes, such as Concentrations, Matches, Calls, Accommodation, Food Menus, Program, Transportation.
Support to all the processes related to the Registration, Revalidation (renewals), Termination and Transfer.


The competitions management module supports all the organization processes for competitions of several football categories like F11, F7, futsal, beach soccer.

Entity data Management
Identities management processes such as Sport Agents (Players, Managers, Referees), facilities (Stadiums, Pavilions), Sports Institutions (Clubs, National Teams, Regional Teams).
Competition Events
Creation of competitions, teams and competition model design. Organizational processes for automatic team grouping based on geographical distance criteria and others Competition tracking (Fixtures, Results and Ratings).
Competition event schedule definition according to the defined competition model.
Support process for the discipline responsible users in order to manage the activity of the disciplinary processes applied to clubs and players in the competition.

Sports Events

The sport events realization can be performed through an existing competition matches or by custom event (e.g. Friendly Match). This module has the main goal to support tracking and organization processes for these events.

Parameterization and management of sport events through the identification, location, facilities and other needed conditions.
System to handle the request, approval and issuing the accreditations for the event, allowing to define the areas and the access levels of press journalists, etc.
Protocol Management
System to handle the invitations and issuing accreditations for VIP access to the event, allowing to define the seating areas and access levels.
Online ticket sell system for the events Internet portal to sell tickets integrated with payment systems Management of ticket selling and delivering.


This system has as main goal to support all the processes related to matches refereeing and their management activities. Supports the referee nominations, registering and tracking of the match sheet, referee observation, ranking and other operational processes.

Refereeing Portal
Portal that supports the main management activities of the refereeing. Namely, referee registration by categories, referee nominations for the matches, management of the matches observations, standings calculation and others.
Supports the referee activities on sending the match reports and match sheets. Has a mobile App to fill and send the match sheets online and offline. Has a Web application to fill and send the match sheets through a web site.

Place the fans at the center of the pitch

With accurate information about every game in real time you can gain more confidence before the fans.

This module allows the organizations to gather, handle and publish the results of any match in an easy and quick way not being limited by the IT infrastructure. This way the organizations are closer to the fans and the fans can track the matches results in real time.

Results gathering
Provides several systems to gather the matches data through web application, SMS or mobile apps.
Results handling
Perform the standings calculation applying the competition tie criteria rules.
Results publishing
Provides interfaces for publishing and tracking the results over the internet, mobile apps and others. The match details, results and standings are also published.

Administration and configuration

The Administration and Configuration modules allow the organization to manage the master data for the platform. The parameterization and customization is done in a easy and intuitive way.

Process to manage the users, access credentials and profiles entering the SCORE platform and its own applications;
Allows to query the access logs to the system functionalities;
General configuration definition of the platform, e.g. the message templates or the email accounts;

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