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From smaller clubs to national federations, the best sports organizations join PROSCORE to simplify management and provide the best possible service to its members.

It is essential to have a structure that supports communication, optimization and complementarity of processes, preparing the success of today and tomorrow.

An extra-time of success

Organization and success are the two most challenging variables to combine in sports organizations. It is essential to have a structure that supports communication, optimization and complementarity of processes, preparing the success of today and tomorrow.

Boost every minute of a match, in an eternity of information.

PROSCORE brings your sports organization an even greater reason to combine structured and data analysis and identify new forms of growth. More than a platform, it is a path to sports success.

Improve and scanning processes.

Never lose information with all the files in the cloud and a paperless organization. Clubs can send out all information whenever they need and avoid constant travel.

Accurate information to the right hands at right time.

Sustain all processes associated with game refereeing and management activities. Supports the referee nominations, registering and tracking of the match sheet, referee observation, ranking and other operational processes.

All sports. Single solution.

Your federation or club can manage different sports within one platform. Whether it is futsal, beach soccer or football, the information is centralized, giving support to the entire organizational structure.

Privacy is built with every step taken.

Have all important information structured and safe in a reliable base. After a database is created, the quality of service and work is greater. Who wins is the people who work within organizations.

Optimize ticket sale management.

Simplify the management of your sales fleet and increase the sale of tickets with PROSCORE. We make it easy the use of targeted reviews and messages to drive sales and renewals. An online ticketing ticket sales system, increasing the presence of fans in each game.

A paperless process.

Converted all the paper processes into electronic and safer information.

So easy to use, like passing the ball.

Each usage area is defined according to your needs. This solution is designed considering the integration of all the components associated with sports management. Management of people and entities, equipment, competitions, results, management of selections, among other processes, in which there are different areas of use.

Keep your fans enthusiastic, engaged and updated.

Keep the crowd closer to your teams with accurate information and real time results. It is very simple to update the results and even easier to access it. Be the first to deliver your scores!

Increase the feeling of nearness to the brand.

With accurate information about every game in real time you can gain more confidence before the fans.

PROSCORE in numbers

Manages more than

1.000 football competitions

Processes information of

1.000.000 players

in overall (180k active players)


10.000 sports agents

5.000 referees

practical example

A practical example

We helped an entire Federation to create a new competition from scratch in a few weeks.

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